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Who we are?

The Incident

Sarthak Foundation started in 2013 when an incident involving little children living in a Lucknow urban slum exposed our founder to extreme hunger and abject poverty, something that is so rampant that it has become part of the landscape and we don’t notice it even when it is right in front of us.

The Community

With a vision and mission to have Happy Empowered Children in slums, Sarthak Foundation reaches out to children in urban slums, villages and on construction sites and changes their lives through education and skills.

The Problems

The Approach


Our mission is to provide children from SEDGs equitable platforms of education, socio - emotional connect and physical - psychological well-being.


Happy Empowered Children in SEDGs (Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Groups)


At Sarthak every member has instilled and abides by the values of Integrity and Relationship

Our Advisory Board

Vijay Pratap Sahi

Chief Advisor - Sarthak Foundation | EX-DDG - Amity University, Lucknow | EX- GM -Times Of India, Lucknow

RK Mishra

Scholar - Carnegie India | Aspen Fellow | Co-Founder at YULU | Co-Founder-Center for Smart Cities | Co-Chair - ASSOCHAM South

M.C. Ramesh

VP, Global Professional Services, Dell Technologies

Bharat Bhasker

Director IIM Ahemdabad

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